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How do I download an item?

Why must I select a division?

I can't see the title I require on the Titles page!

How do I use the Search facility?

 I cannot sign in! TOP
There are a few reasons why this may happen.

Firstly, you may not have an account with us.  If this is the case, see the Contact  page, and request an account from the appropriate division.

If you do have an account, you may be using the wrong password.  See the Forgot Password  page to have your password emailed back to you.

If you still cannot sign on, contact the appropriate person on the Contact  page.

Most of the site is inaccessible unless you are signed on - exceptions are the following pages : Contact, Terms, Privacy, Forgot Password, and Help/FAQ.
 How do I download an item? TOP
On several pages throughout the site, such as Title Detail, Release Schedules and Latest News, you will see a button such as "Download", "Std Res" or "Hi Res".  Clicking on these buttons will add the required item to your download cart (similar to a shopping cart). 

Once you have finished adding items, you go to the My Downloads  page.  Follow the instructions to combine all your required items into a single zip file.  Download this file to your computer.  Note : you may need a third party zipping tool to unzip the file and extract your required items.
 Why must I select a division? TOP
The Roadshow Publicity website has been designed to cater for all divisions, such as Roadshow Films and Roadshow Entertainment.  Some media outlets have access to more than one division so it is necessary to choose a division so the correct content is shown to you.

If you leave the website open and inactive, after a period of time, your session will 'time-out' so you may be directed back to the division page to re-select a division.
 I can't see the title I require on the Titles page! TOP
The Titles  page is designed to showcase current titles, or those due to be released in each division.

For a short period of time after its release date, a title will still show on the Titles page.  If not, it still may be available in this division - try using the Search  page to find the title.
 How do I use the Search facility? TOP
The Search  page allows you to find titles within a particular division.  It does not find titles in other divisions.  Basically you can enter any combination of data in the text boxes and click Go to return titles that qualify.

There is one exception - if you enter a Release Month, you must enter the Year as well.  You can just enter the year, for example, entering 2008 in the Release Year will return all titles released in 2008.

Also, when entering a Title or Cast name, simply start with a single word first - and the word must be a complete word, not abbreviated.
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